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Gina Giambra

Gina Giambra was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and is currently a licensed massage therapist who specializes in sports therapy rehabilitation and structural body work. Over the past decade, Gina has created the disciplined routine of BALLFLOW™ as it helps the body recover from any taxing profession. Gina’s two sons, Mason and Vincinzo, and helping others, are her inspiration to be a successful entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry. Gina’s single father Joey and her big brother Joey are her idols.

 Pictured above: Joey Jr. left; Joey Sr. middle; and one of Joey’s back East fans on the right.

Our Inspiration

Gina’s single father, Joey Giambra, was born in Buffalo, NY, and one of 14 children.

He was known as the Buffalo Adonis, a middleweight boxer from 1949-1963; it was the era when boxing announcements transitioned from radio to TV. Giambra was a prized fighter, defeating two middleweight champions and two others who fought for the championship. Although his refusal to take dives curtailed the chance of a title, he was well known amongst the top contenders, premiering a record of 33 times on TV.  Rightfully so, his new alias became “The Uncrowned Champion” of the middleweight division. He was virtually elected into every boxing hall of fame, including the creme de la creme – World Boxing Hall of Fame.

Giambra stressed the importance of stretching and massaging the muscles, not only for recovery from hard training, but as a way to minimize injury.  He truly treated his body as a temple and looked 20 years younger than his age.

After his boxing career, he resided in Las Vegas, Nevada and worked as a boxing referee and a Caesar’s Palace blackjack dealer.  As a single father, Giambra also dedicated his efforts to the development of a youth foundation, “Knock Out Drugs.”  In his honor, Gina and team are donating a portion of proceeds to charity.

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(Accessed: 30 May 2020).

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Board Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) represents the highest attainable credential within the massage therapy and bodywork profession.


With 500+ hours of training from a school approved by the Nevada Commission on Post Secondary Education, we are fully licensed to provide CE credit for the Massage Therapy Board of Nevada.

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